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Cabinet Painting in Kansas City


Cabinet Painting in Kansas City


Cabinet Painting in Kansas City


Cabinet Painting in Kansas City


Professional Kansas City Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services

Your kitchen is like the heart of your home witnessing a variety of activities from cooking meals to doing homework. If you’re thinking about updating or installing cabinets it can greatly enhance your overall kitchen experience. While choosing to replace or customize cabinets can be expensive and time-consuming, cabinet refinishing offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative.

At HM Precision Painting we provide cabinet painting services that deliver high-quality results. Our skilled cabinet painters can refinish your cabinets, countertops, or backsplash offering an investment for upgrading your kitchen. Our refinishing process goes beyond a simple touch-up with a top coat; it produces results that match or even surpass the quality of new cabinets. With a range of colors and finishes to choose from, refinishing provides versatility and customization that suits your personal preferences.
By selecting the company and employing our proven cabinet painting process in Kansas City you’ll enjoy exceptional outcomes comparable to or even better than new cabinets. Our kitchen cabinet painting service ensures a stylish upgrade that enhances both the value and beauty of your kitchen while saving you money and time compared to complete cabinet replacements

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    Top-notch cabinet painters in Kansas City.

    You do not need a pricey remodel to make your kitchen look and feel first-class. New paint is a excellent way to update the area’s cabinets, cabinets, and pantry. H M Precision Painting is a seasoned staff that understands what it takes to make your kitchen cabinets look their best.

    Reach out to H M Precision Painting for kitchen cupboard remodeling in Kansas City. Don’t be concerned if you are not quite sure yet what you want to do with your cabinets – we will help you plan everything, such as whether to paint or stain and which colors to choose.


    The Cabinet Painting Process

    We’ll guide you through our process for cabinet projects so you know exactly what to expect. While we work on refinishing the cabinets your kitchen will be temporarily unavailable. We usually set up a temporary spray area in the garage to spray the doors, drawers, and shelves allowing them to dry. This means that part of your garage will be dedicated to this purpose. We then start by removing the doors and drawers from their cabinets followed by taking off the hinges, knobs, and handles. After that, we pay attention to any cracks or dents and fix them. The doors and cabinets then go through a sanding process to achieve a glossy-free surface. Through this process, your cabinet doors will regain a fresh and revitalized appearance after the cabinet refacing with the paint job delivering a long-lasting finish that looks brand new. Our work not only improves the aesthetics but also provides reliable protection for your kitchen cabinets ensuring they stay in great condition for years to come.

    Kitchen Cabinet Painting by HM Precision Painting in Kanas City


    Top-notch Professional Painting Service

    To achieve a flawless finish we carefully apply the final coat of oil-based paint to your cabinetry using a spray technique. This meticulous process gives your cabinets a from the factory appearance as if they were just made. Our skilled cabinet painters prefer using high-quality oil enamel paint for this stage because it dries smoothly and provides durability. By using a paint we ensure that your cabinets are easy to clean less likely to stain or warp and ultimately deliver the best results when refinishing them.

    At HM Precision Painting we offer cabinet painting services in Kansas City with a focus on delivering outstanding workmanship. Our ultimate goal is to transform your kitchen cabinets into an updated masterpiece that resembles a brand kitchen. We take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction, which has earned us an excellent reputation, in the Kansas City metro area. When you choose us for your project you can be confident that providing quality at a fair price isn’t just an option; it’s the only choice we offer to our valued clients.

    Top notch Door Painting by HM Precision Painting in Kanas City


    Why Hire Us? 5 Benefits For You

    Many Kansas City houses and businesses now love their cabinetry thanks to the service of H M Precision Painting.

    A number of our clients’ testimonials describe us as “OUTSTANDING”, “very professional,” and “skilled craftsmen.” Here are very good reasons why Kansas City individuals praise our  kitchen cabinet painting  services and cabinet painting services:

    • Our technical experience leads to beautiful cabinets. Our team has been in this niche for years. Paint isn’t acceptable for all kitchen materials, and we all know your stain options around this. We are also exact on areas which novice painters frequently overlook. And we are professionally equipped with tools that prevent paint lumps and brush strokes – thus attaining a perfect finish.
    • Your cabinets new paint lasts. It is our aim at H M Precision Painting to offer a paint job that withstands wear-and-tear. Our extensive preparation process eliminates possible causes of paint peeling or flaking. As we know the heavy responsibility of your cabinets, we coat them with industry-trusted primers and paints.
    • Honest evaluation puts you at ease. The written quote you get from us is very clear and blunt, saying the MOST SENSIBLE cost for the job. No obscure fine print, no surprise prices. We are ready to answer any query you might have concerning the pricing of our services.
    • Open communication to keep you updated. To make certain your cabinets look just as you intended them, we continue communicating with you during the job. We strive to always be on track on timelines, and keep you updated on every step.

    We Service The Entire Kansas City Metro Area

    To discuss your repainting needs using a pro Kansas City cabinet painter, contact H M Precision Painting today.

    Get your free estimate by calling or texting us at (816) 320-6139.

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