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One of the biggest questions we get when doing an exterior painting estimate is whether to provide one coat or two coats of paint to the home. After painting and overseeing hundreds of exterior painting projects, we have found the number of paint coats depends on the current color, the color selection (for the new paint job),and how long the customer wants the paint job to last.

The “One coat” Paint Job: Over the years paint tech has improved. Paint now provides better coverage and hide and is also more durable than ever before! Our most common paint jobs are one coat paint jobs. We always can recommend applying one coat of paint and then back rolling the surface to ensure even coverage and paint penetration. A one coat paint job with Super Paint from Sherwin Williams should last you anywhere from 11-14 years with a moderate amount of weathering. If your looking to protect your home on a budget, then we would recommend this option for you.

The “Two Coat” Paint Job: If your looking for the longest lasting paint job possible or are changing colors from a dark deep base color to an extra white base color, then we recommend two coats of paint. First, we apply one coat of paint and back roll all of the surfaces painted. Then we comeback around the home and spray all of the surfaces once again. A two coat paint job cost around 30% more than a 1 coat paint job. However, 2 coats of Super Paint from Sherwin Williams will last you 14+ years with a moderate amount of weathering. This is the ideal choice for customers planning to live in their homes for a long time and customers looking for a paint job that will insure superior protection of their siding for years to come.

In general, we always recommend one thick coat followed by back rolling the surface to achieve proper paint coverage and durability. Normally, most of your paint costs are invested in proper painting preparation, which is why it is extremely important to ensure that the contractor you hire takes the time and effort to thoroughly prepare your house before painting. Customers often think it is just about the paint, however, if a house is not properly prepped then the paint job may not turn out as dreamed.

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