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Thinking About Staining And Painting You Deck?

Painted And Stained Deck? *MUST SEE FINISH* - H M Precision Painting

After being turned down by 2 painting companies our prospective customer turned to US for her project. She asked us if this paint job was even possible! We assured her it could be done but it would take the skill of our top painters to complete this elaborate painting project.

The customer told us that she was looking to stain her decks but there was a twist. She told us to stain the top of the deck boards but at the same time paint the bottom of the boards white. Honorio, our production manager at H M, has over 25 years of experience in the painting industry. He knew right away what procedures and techniques were needed to get the job done.

We began the project by moving furniture, power washing, and masking off all areas not to be painted. We then began painting the white ceilings. In order to get a superior finish we had to spray all of the ceilings and undersides of the steps. After drying, we sanded the deck to prepare for the staining.

The staining began on the top deck. We worked our way from the top, down the stairs, and into the bottom deck. We allowed all the paint to dry and came back to touch up and apply a second coat of stain where needed. Afterwards, we touched up any areas where the stain had dripped onto the white ceilings. This resulted in a beautifully finished Painted And Stained Deck.

Watch the end result in the video above.

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